Anthropologie Hack - DIY Bohemian Hanging Chimes

DIY Bohemian Hanging Chimes via A Charming Project

Do you ever walk into stores like Anthropologie and wish you could just live there? I know know I do! The clothes, the kitchenware, the bedding it's all so bohemian chic and gives off a fun and cozy vibe. Bohemian style is often defined as bright colors, bold patterns, and multi colored textures on top of more multi colored textures. First, let it be known that I die for color but realistically, there is no way I can fully commit to BoHo living. I love mid century and modern way too much to give those up. But just as they do at Anthropologie, you don't need to fill a room to the brim with a tons of colors everywhere to get a BoHo vibe. Just a few touches here and there can go a long way to achieving BoHo bliss. 

I found these bell chimes made in India at my local UNICEF store in Palo Alto, California. I didn't know they had store fronts but apparently they do, and they also have an online marketplace (click here). So I used some fabric remnants is fun Bollywood inspired colors to make this Anthropologie hack and saved a few dollars! 


  • 7 bell chimes

  • Strips of colorful fabric

  • Scissors

DIY Bohemian Hanging Chimes Supplies via A Charming Project

I folded the fabric over so that the inside of the fabric didn't show, then cut 7 half inch wide strips of fabric and kept the length at about 24 inches. I then made random knots on each strip to add a little extra texture to the overall look. 

Anthropologie Hack: Bohemian Chimes

I tied the top end together with a simple knot

chimes 4.png

I then tied a bell to each strip at varying lengths and cut off what remained for each strand

DIY Bohemian Hanging Chimes tutorial via A Charming Project
DIY Bohemian Chimes via A Charming Project
DIY Anthropologie Hack - Bohemian Chimes via A Charming Project

 I hope this inspires you to add a little BoHo bliss to your home!

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