West Elm Tray Makeover - Gold Honeycomb Pattern

West Elm Honeycomb tray
West Elm Tray Makeover via A Charming Project

You don't need to spend a fortune to add a touch of glam to your home. For a few dollars I updated this white West Elm paper tray into a luxurious vanity tray. I love patterns, so for added impact I used a gold honeycomb pattern I found at Michaels. The paper is vellum, which is light and slightly translucent so the white tray underneath really helps the gold pop! 

I simply measured the tray and used a pen and ruler to trace the measurements on the back of the paper, then I used the utility knife cut to the paper to size. Next, I used adhesive dots to secure the vellum paper to the tray. The dots are super sticky and flat so they keep the paper flush against the tray.

Here's what you'll need:

West Elm Tray Makeover Supplies
West Elm Tray Makeover Step 1
West Elm Tray Makeover - Honeycomb Step 2
West Elm Tray Makeover - Honeycomb Vellum
West Elm Tray Makeover via A Charming Project

I now have a space for polish, perfume, and accessories, that showcases them in a more charming way!

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