DIY Modern Pineapple Vase

Summer DIY Pineapple Vase a West Elm Makeover
DIY Vase Makeover - Modern Pineapple vase from west elm

I was browsing around West Elm the other day and came across this lovely ceramic vase to the tune of $10 (my kind of tune). I couldn't wait to get home and add my own flair to it! 

After trying really hard to talk myself out of painting another thing gold (obviously that didn't work) I decided to turn it into a modern pineapple! I even added a mini palm sprig to complete the tropical look. 


  • West Elm egg shaped vase

  • Rustoleum gold spray paint

  • Rustoleum semi gloss white spray paint

  • Crochet cotton thread size 5

  • Scissors

  • Mini Palm

DIY Vase Makeover from West Elm

spray paint vase white 

West Elm Vase Makeover - DIY Modern Pineapple Vase

wrap cotton thread vertically around the vase (but do not cover vase fully) 

West Elm Vase Makeover - DIY Modern Pineapple Vase!

spray paint gold and once dry use scissors to cut the string (cut from the top opening)

Transform a West Elm Vase into a Modern Pineapple

lastly, add a touch of mini palm

DIY Home Decor Accents: Modern DIY Vase from West Elm
West Elm Vase Makeover - DIY Modern Pineapple Vase

I love the way this project turned out! It's clean, modern and it's my type of Piña colada! 

Made with love,