Tu-tu tuesday

Hi I'm Enid!

A little bit about me...

Nine to five, I'm a Technology Support Manager for a travel marketing company. I work on a team that creates online tools and content for travel industry professionals.

I’m also a book author, DIY junkie, plant mom, and ever passionate about all things DESIGN.

I'm a sucker for impeccably designed websites, terrariums, succulents, and finding any reason to celebrate!

Current state of affairs. Learning to code, pursuing a career change in User Experience Design, and I will soon be giving author talks around the Bay Area on my new book, Creative Terrariums: 33 Modern Mini-Gardens for Your Home. Stay tuned for details!




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Disclosure: I love to tell the world about tools, products, and brands that I adore! Occasionally, I may receive a small commission from a purchase. However, my thoughts and opinions are my own, and I only chose to promote brands that work well with my creative endeavors.