Plant Stories: Peperomia Obtusifolia Green

Plant Stories: Learn all about the peperomia obtusifolia green via A Charming Project

Welcome to the first installment of a new plant series called Plant Stories! I’m currently a plant mom to over 150 small houseplants and succulents and I’ve learned so much on how to care for each one that I’m sharing all that I know in this new series. My hope is that you’ll be inspired to create your own little garden oasis at home and share your enthusiasm with others. My husband, Michael, and I live in a 700 sq. ft. apartment in the Bay Area of San Francisco with not much room for a garden so I focus on small easy to care for terrariums and indoor container gardens. If you’ve always wanted to have a mini urban garden of your own, follow this series for a look at some varieties I find find well suited for urban gardening as well as, practical tips and tricks!

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Popular with indoor gardening enthusiasts and bloggers alike for it’s easygoing nature and killer Instagram game the Peperomia family is currently having it’s day in the sun! With a family of over 1000 different species this Peperomia Obtusifolia is just one of many varieties. Knows for it’s shiny, spoon shaped , and patterned leaves, this plant is a great indoor decorative plant. Style it in a pretty pot and dress up a desk or bookshelf!

Originally at home in Central and South America, the Peperomia Obstursia is often found thriving in shaded areas under large trees where it can avoid scorching, hot sun. While the temperature and humidity can get quite high in that part of the world can get quite high, this pretty green houseplant is fully adapted to life in average home environments. It prefers medium to bright indirect sunlight with a little shade mixed in. If you have an area of your home that only gets bright morning light, that will do just fine.

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Tap water can sometimes contain chemicals that are harmful to plants. If tap water is all you have, set aside some water in a glass container overnight. This allows sediments to drop to the bottom and chemicals to evaporate. Water your plant at least once a week or when the soil seems dry to the touch. A little extra humidity doesn’t hurt either. Bring the plant into the bathroom with you while you shower for an extra boost. keeping the leaves from drying out too much can also help keep pest at bay.

Peperomia Green via A Charming Project

Special air purification powers include reducing air pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide and benzene. Not to mention carbon dioxide, but keep in mind you would have to have a whole tribe of plants to make a real good difference in air quality. So don’t be shy about loading up at your local plant store!

Peperomia Plant Care Sheet

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