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diy summertime wall art - beach please

Hey friends! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I was in Miami for a few days! My head is still reeling from the experience. Without a doubt, Miami has some of the most beautiful sunsets, beaches, food, and barely clothed people I've ever seen -LOL. It was my first time on the east coast...and though my hair did not appreciate the humidity...I'm already excited to visit again in the future. For now, I'll just have to make do with the beautiful bay area and bring those Miami beach vibes to me!  So today, I'm sharing an inexpensive way to add a little Summertime bling to your walls. You can customize the message any way you like, but, "Beach Please" (pun fully intended) is a winner in my book!


  • 1 - sheet of uppercase gold sticker letters (I bought this at Michael's)

  • 1 - sheet of palms gift wrap paper (I bought this at Paper Source)

  • 1 - large picture frame

  • 1 - sheet of white card stock

  • scissors

  • pencil

  • ruler (not pictured below)

  • paper glue (not pictured below)

Spelling out, "beach please" I pressed down each gold letter onto a sheet of white card stock. I used a ruler and pencil to trace a straight line across the paper so the letters wouldn't be crooked - or at least..not too crooked. 

Next, I laid the cardboard that came with the frame over the back of the palm tree gift wrap sheet to measure and cut the paper to size. 

Finally, I cut the words out and glued them down to the center of the pattern and framed it. That easy! 

In less than 15 minutes I had a cool and inexpensive piece of wall art! It was so easy, I think I'll make a few more for friends!

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