DIY Heart Candy Box

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE chocolate?!! For serious, people! Allow me to paint you a picture...I'm like Gollum, from Lord or the Rings, and chocolate is my precious. So if you think I look happy unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning, then you should come over and see me unwrapping Reese's Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter filled hearts on Valentine's Day - oh my precious...

I had all my favorite chocolates picked out for Valentine's Day, but I had nothing to put them in until my dear friend showed me how to make these cute mini boxes! Thanks Stacie! They're easy to put together, and make for the perfect chocolate gift box!

 If you love scrapbooking you probably already have everything you need for this project. If not, one quick trip to your local paper store and you're set! 

Here's what you'll need:

DIY Heart Candy Box tutorial

Cut your white card stock 4 1/2 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches long.

DIY Heart Candy Box Tutorial

Use a ruler to measure one inch in from each side. Then use your bone folder to vertically score each side of the card stock. 

DIY Heart Candy Box Tutorial

Turn your card stock horizontally, measure 2 inches from the left and make a vertical score from top to bottom. Continue scoring at the 3 inch mark, 5, inch mark and 6 inch mark.

DIY Heart Candy Box Tutorial

Turn your card stock so that it's vertical. 

Use your scissors to cut out boxes C and D. Let the scored lines guide you. 

Cut either side of A and B up to the vertical scored lines but DO NOT REMOVE them. 

DIY Heart Candy Box Tutorial

To form your box, fold flap B over A, and flap C over B, gluing together with a tape runner as you go along. 

DIY Heart Candy Box Tutorial

Punch out borders using black card stock. Glue border to the inside of the flap of the box, and cut any excess trim. 

DIY Heart Candy Box Tutorial

Punch out large and small hearts. I used red card stock for the large hearts. 

Tip! Roll out gold glitter washi tape (or any washi tape of your choice) on card stock, and punch out small hearts. 

Valentine's DIY Heart Candy Box Tutorial

Glue the bottom half of the red heart to the front of the box. Be careful not to glue down the entire heart or you won't be able to close the box by tucking the flap behind the red heart. Next, use a 3D foam square to adhere a gold heart to the front.  

DIY Heart Candy Box Tutorial

Finally, fill with Hershey Chocolate sweethearts for your sweetheart! 

Valentine's Day DIY Heart Candy Box

Beware of llamas running away with your sneaky! 

Valentine's Day DIY Heart Candy Box -Alpaca optional