DIY Valentine Card: Ombre Hearts

Is February just flying by or what?! Valentine's Day is less than a week away, which means time's a ticking to get Valentine's cards mailed off to friends and family! I still love snail mail, don't you?! For me, an E-card will never be as exciting as receiving something in the mail.  So if you've been too busy to make a Valentine card until now I have an easy last minute card idea that took no more than 15 minutes to put together!  Here's what you'll need: 

Supplies for DIY Ombre Heart Valentine card

Start by cutting your colored card stock the same size as your post card. Since it's Valentine's Day, I used different variations of pink card stock. However, if pink is not your thing or you're looking for a more sophisticated look you can always go with monochrome!

Use your heart stamp to cut out heart patterns at the bottom of each card.

DIY Ombre Heart Valentine Card

Layer your darkest piece on the white post card and continue layering from darkest to lightest. I used a tape runner to adhere the sheets together. Finally, cut the excess paper you are left with at the top. 

DIY Ombre Heart Stamped Valentine

To add a little sparkle, place gold washi tape on scratch paper and stamp out those gold hearts. 

DIY Ombre Heart Valentine Card

Glue gold hearts over some of the stamped out hearts, and that's it! Write your message on the back, and either mail in an envelope or use it as a post card by just add postage! 

DIY Ombre Heart Valentine

This card is definitely going to be mailed to my mom :) 

DIY Ombre Heart Valentine Card

Happy card making,