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A tour of my creative space and a few home office tips!

A tour of my creative space and a few home office tips!

A Charming Project- A tour of my creative space and a few home office tips!

Hey guys!

After my inspiring visit to one of WeWork's co-working locations (read more about it here) they suggested I share my own home office space. I've been blogging for a little over a year now and it's been such a joy and personal accomplishment to have so many new readers! So I think it's time to start getting a little more personal, don't you?! Today, I'm sharing a glimpse of my own creative space, and some of my favorite home office and craft organization tips!

Natural light: I love getting my vitamin D on! I'm super lucky to have floor to ceiling windows in this space, so I get lots of energizing sunlight. Setting up a work space near a window is crucial to working happy! From my window,  I can see the trees, feel the breeze and even hear the birds chirping! 

Standing desk: This has been such a life saver to me! Sitting all day made me sleepy, so I added these long desk legs from IKEA to my table top, and voila - a standing desk! I have the worst posture and slouching at the computer wasn't making it any better. So now, I'll stand for most of the day, and occasionally use my bar-height chair. IKEA has tons of options for putting together your perfect desk, and I fully took advantage of this since most standing desks are in the $500 - $1000 range - yikes!

Plants and Flowers: Bring the outdoors in!  As of late, I'm turning into quite the plant collector as of late. It's an easy way to add pops of color to my space. I recommend shopping for flowers at your local farmers market for half the price of large retailers. My local farmers market sells an entire bouquet for $3! 

Tour of A Charming Project's creative space.

Mood Board: This is one of my favorite ways to stay inspired! A friend gave me a couple of old window panes and I propped one of them on my desk to use as my inspiration board. I tacked on pictures and article clippings of all the things I love from color palettes and DIY projects to furniture and home decor ideas. It also kind of works as a wish list ;) 

Craft space tour and tips by A Charming Project

Storage: Boxes, boxes, and more boxes! It's important for me to keep all my craft supplies under control and put away so they're not a constant eye-sore at all hours of the day. I especially, like saving candy tins to store my glitter, sequence, and confetti! These DIY painted geometric boxes are one of my favorite projects this year. Oh and I keep shoes in there too! 

A Charming Project - craft space organization

Fabric storage: A nice trick for storing fabric or felt so that it doesn't crease is to roll it up and store it in a box or basket. Another little trick is that it doubles as a hiding place contraband - a..k.a CHOCOLATE! My boyfriend is notorious for sniffing out my treats and eating them, but he won't go near my crafting supplies! HAHA! 

A tour of my craft space - A Charming Project

Vase Hack: Need a vase, but don't have one on hand? I put my flowers in a large mason jar, then wrap a colorful sheet of paper around it and secure with tape. I change out the paper depending on my mood. Apparently, I was feeling like a cat lady on this particular day!

My creative space and tips for organization

If you have any tips for me, I'd love to hear them!

Have a great weekend!


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