Free Printable // DIY Halloween Candy Bag Toppers

Introducing my first of many free printables! Just in time for Halloween! I basically gave up on making a costume this year, and redirected my efforts into making friends, family and trick or treaters happy! Sounds less stressful, right?! 

As a kid it was mission to hit the "good houses." You know, the ones that give out more than one meager piece of candy. Please don't let this be you! Which is why I'm so excited to be giving out these DIY candy bags this year. I got a great deal on a bunch of Halloween chocolates,  and made these "bootiful" candy bag toppers to complement them. It was really fun being surrounded by heaps of chocolate and putting these cute bags together. It's also a fun last minute project that's really easy to throw together. Do it for the trick or treaters!


use a ruler and bone folder to score along the "fold here" line

cut out each topper 

fold topper in half 

gather your Halloween candy and fill each bag 

place topper over the top of the bag and staple closed