How to make a no carve panda pumpkin for Halloween

Inner musings of what I should be for Halloween has completely taken over my life. I'm inspired by everything I see, even random tv commercials. Don't even get me started on how I tried to convince Michael that I can make a chicken costume chicken and he can be Colonel Sanders, or I can go as Flo from progressive insurance and he can be Jake from Statefarm. It's really quite tragic....LOL

 So putting aside my own struggles for a moment - and because it's so much easier to dress up inanimate objects -  I'm sharing this adorable (no carve) panda pumpkin. It's easy, whimsical and very kid friendly!

I got the idea for this project from one of my college history professors who would always yell out, "It's a panda" when referring to bright ideas. Basically meaning anything new and cool that everyone flocks to see when it arrives. So this one's for you Professor Kim! 

What you'll need:

paint the pumpkin white, and the stem glittery gold

make a line of glue on one side from the stem to about half way down

wind the yarn around the stem then down the side of the pumpkin 

use a black sharpie to draw panda eyes, nose, and mouth

panda sees leaf

panda wears leaf

panda decides eating leaf is a better idea

Wish me luck on my own costume quest! I would love to hear your ideas!