Geometric Wood Earrings

I've been seeing a lot of wood earring on ETSY lately - a lot of cute laser cut earrings and geometric shapes. Geometric shapes are very trendy right now so I thought it would be fun to make my own geometric wood earrings. It was really a lot simpler than I thought it would be. The wood sheet I bought was light and thin so it was easy to cut with regular scissors!  

I was really happy the craft store had a sale on Martha Stewart paints (buy 2 get one free) because I really need more cool colors. I think the "Salmon" color is my absolute favorite!

Supplies: 1/64 size wood sheet, Acrylic paint and or spray paint, scissors, fish hook earring

Step 1: Draw two large and two small triangle shapes directly on the wood

Step 2: Cut earrings with scissors

Step 3: Drill a small hold in both the large and small set of triangles.

Step 4: Paint your heart out! I laid down painters tape and painted between the lines but you can easily doodle, or free hand the entire thing. Since they are YOUR earrings be as creative as you like!

Step 5: Use pliers to pry open the earring fish hooks and loop through the wood triangles. Then use the pliers to close and secure.