Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Hello Friends!

If you're looking for last-minute gifts for the Holidays, you've come to the right place! Thanks to my friends at AMARA, I'll be showing you gifts I hand-picked, and am personally recommending, as awesome stocking stuffers anyone would love. So make yourself some hot chocolate, cozy up, and read on! 

First up, this animal menagerie of luxury silk travel bags by Sara Miller! These Flamingos don't give a FLOCK if you're at the Holiday Inn or the Ritz, they scream royalty no matter where you plan to stay - just looks at their little crowns...ADORBS! 

No leg room, baby screaming, and your neighbor is sleeping on your shoulder...sound familiar? Yeah, time for a drink!

We can't all fly in first class, but we can sure drink in style! I can't fly without one of these bad boys, and it's featured here because The Gin & Tonic is my favorite. 

The one thing I said way too much at the airpot this year..."Now where did I leave my passport, again?" Yeah, no bueno! Which is why 2018 will be known as the year I get organized! With such a bold statement comes the need for tools and assistance, which is why I'm loving this Lifestyle Organizer from Ted Baker. It has a compartment for everything, and I feel like everyone needs something like this in their life...I think it's called, Adulting. Not that I would really know. HA!

Here are other swoon worthy gifts I LOVE:

Happy Holidays Everyone!

With Love, 

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