We're Engaged!

we're engaged! Enid & Mike

Hi Friends!

Michael and I are officially engaged!  If you follow me on social media, you probably saw a few photos revealing the happy news a little while back. We’re only calling it “official” now because it took a while to put a ring on it...keep reading for more details :) Needless to say,  we’re over the moon, and can’t wait to start wedding planning…well, me more than him I think :)

The beginning:

Four years ago, I was happy as a clam and living in a little studio apartment on the westside of L.A., biking around, discovering the joy of crafting, and trying to stick to a workout routine (like any typical westsider...lol).  Then one day I attended a yoga class that changed my life. I was trying to get my Chatarunga on when I noticed a cute guy throwing a few glances my way. I did what any happy clam would do….I clammed up! I scooted myself behind a pillar and tried to put him out of my head...but not really.  Lucky for me, none of that deterred him! Two weeks later, I was sitting on a bus bench, holding Michael’s phone number in hand and thought, what do I have to lose?! 3 hours later we were at a bar eating fish tacos, drinking beer and laughing our hearts out. Four years later we’re living in the bay area, and still eating fish tacos, drinking beer and laughing our hearts out!

Dating - Disneyland!

Dating - Disneyland!

The proposal:

Though, over the years I’ve jokingly insisted time’s-a-ticking...I had no clue it was coming! We were in Carmel-by-the-Sea for the weekend when he popped the question on the beach, at sunset, and all I could say for a full minute was, “are you serious?!” Then once the shock wore off, I said YES! The wait was over, the nerves were over, and we headed to a nearby bar for a celebratory drink, and once the bartender heard the news he rang the bell and gave us shots on the house! 



carmel by the sea - pre proposal


The ring:

The true story is that Michael proposed to me with a box of diamonds. These diamonds were taken from his Ya-Ya’s wedding ring that was passed down to him from his grandmother, and I always wanted a ring that reminded me of my mom's wedding bracelet, which is why we feel so incredibly fortunate to have found Sausalito Jewelers. We were worried we wouldn’t find the right jeweler that would be trustworthy, patient with us, and help us create something I would love forever...not to mention...within our price range.  After reading such positive reviews on Yelp, we took our little bag of diamonds and lofty ideas to Sausalito Jewelers. Sam’s design expertise and kick-ass 3D printer made our dreams come true!! I love my ring!! Sam worked on the ring until it looked and fit perfectly!  Aside from that, everyone working there was really sweet and friendly. For all these reasons and more, we are currently having my wedding band custom made by them, as well. I can’t wait to see it next week. If you're in the Bay Area, I highly recommend them.

my engagement ring from Sausalito Jewelers
my custom ring by Sausalito Jewelers


The Wedding:

I’m sure you can already guess what type of wedding it’s going to be...why, a Charming DIY wedding, of course! There will be lot’s of greenery, diy decor, and of course, fish tacos, craft beer, and laughter! So stay tuned for more wedding DIY ideas from me.


I’ve already started a Pinterest board! Click HERE to see all the DIY possibilities. At first, I thought a colorful, mid-century Mexican wedding would be cool, but then I thought something more charming, rustic and woodsy (did I mention Michael is from Alaska?) would be a better fit for us since we’re having it in a backyard. So we’ll see what happens! Either way, I would love to hear from YOU! If you have any tips or ideas for me please send them my way :)