Treat yo self to a Subscription Box!

I love surprises, which is why when I heard Popsugar was sending me a Must Have Box filled with, I know not what, I was pretty excited! I even vacuumed my doormat in anticipation of it's arrival at my front door! For those of you not familiar with this booming subscription box trend, you basically pay a monthly fee to receive a box full of goodies for much less than you would pay in stores. While you won't know what you're receiving until the box arrives, and you're basically buying yourself a gift (lol)...I think that's the whole point! 

Treating yourself to something nice, something unexpected and something you can always give away to a dear friend if you don't end up liking is pretty awesome. You'll have something to look forward to, which, take my word for it, takes the sting out of a day that may not be going your way. 

When my Must Have Box arrived I was actually pretty impressed with it's contents.  They were all cute, but more importantly, functional!  I was in need of a pocket mirror, nail polish, and a beach cover up! Michael was more than happy with the new addition of a bottle opener, and though I have yet to try the underarm deodorant wipes, I'm sure I will be thanking my lucky stars when I'm sweating like crazy while on my European vacation 28 days! YAY! Thank you #MustHaveBox

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