5 Minute Project: Retro Jewelry Dish

DIY Retro Jewelry Dish

Don't you just love how DIY friendly Target is these days?!

 Their craft section is bigger and better, their dollar bins are practically a DIY paradise, and the unfinished wood and ceramic pieces they carry are affordable and easy to customize to any design taste! I fell in love with this peel and stick wall paper, which reminded me of something out of Mad Men (perfectly retro and divine). I'll be using this wall paper to spruce up my kitchen wall (so stay tuned) but I had a little left over so I made this quick 5 minute project, You can of course you any peel and stick wallpaper or contact paper.  

What you will need:

DIY Retro Jewelry Dish

Step 1: Flip over a small piece of wallpaper so that the design is face down

Step 2: Use your pencil to trace around the base of the ceramic dish

DIY Retro Jewelry Dish Tutorial Step 1

Step 3. Use scissors to cut out the tracing

Step 4. Make sure your dish is dust-free and dry. Then peel and stick the paper onto the dish.

DIY Retro Jewelry Dish Storage
5 minuter project - Retro Jewelry Dish
5 minuter project - DIY Retro Jewelry Dish

I used this dish as earring storage, but you could also fill it with candy and place on your coffee table, or fill with paper clips and push pins and keep on you desk.  It only takes 5 minutes to make, and the possibilities are endless!


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