Free Printable Valentine: DIY Emergency Love Potion

Emergency Love Potion Free DIY Valentine Printable

True Hollywood Story behind america's sweethearts :

  • These little candies were born to humble beginnings in New England around the time of the Civil War.
  • Like every aspiring celebrity, these sweethearts underwent a name change because nobody gets a call back when they're called, "cockles." LOL. No REALLY,  they were called cockles! Ewww....LOL!
  • Once they rose to stardom and became America's sweethearts, they set their hearts on becoming international superstars and landed a role in the United Kingdom, where they were lovingly called, "Love Hearts."
  • After 145 years of reciting the same old lines they realized they needed new material. So they sought out the best sugar surgeons in Beverly Hills!
  • In 2010, the sugar lift was a success! With new lines like, "Tweet Me," and Text Me" they're popularity sky rocketed into Candy Land hall of fame status!!!

Because you never know when you're going to run into your crush, I'm sharing my sweet recipe for an emergency love potion. So print it, make it, and break in case of Emergency! 

You will also need: 

Emergency Love Potion Free Valentine Printable

Get your free printable, and cut them out as labels

Emergency Love Potion Free Valentine Printable

Use washi tape to adhere all sides of the label to the test tube

Free Printable DIY: Emergency Love Potion

Fill with lots and lots of sweethearts!

Free Printable Valentine Candy Love Potion

When in need....reach for your Emergency Love Potion!

Emergency Love Potion Free Valentine Printable