Top Ten Neon Projects to Inspire!

Top 10 Neon Inspired DIY Projects

Happy Friday!

This week just flew by! Speaking of flying, I'm off to Los Angeles tomorrow. Woohoo! I'll be there for a week, and of course I'll be checking out some fun happy hours spots!  Did you know Monday February 22nd is National Margarita Day? No better place than L.A. to celebrate such a festive occasion! But I'll be celebrating here on the blog as well, so check back on Monday for my Margarita inspired DIY and spicy Margarita recipe! 

Meanwhile, here are some bright inspirations you can make this weekend!

Make it! I really want to try making something with concrete and this stool looks totally doable!

Bake it! I love it when desserts taste as good as they look. 

Wear it! Easy peasy DIY jewelery

Dye it! Orange is so underrated, don't you think? I love this pop of color!

Hang it! The perfect addition to any celebration!

Plant it! If you keep all your cans like I do, this is the project for you!

Print it: What a bright way to say hello! 

Paint it: I'm seriously obsessed with these neon candle holders!

Weave it: I'd love to give this a try!

Upcycle it: You can never have enough flower vases and these are so easy to make!

Happy Weekend!