DIY Fringe Drink Stirrers and Spicy Black Cherry Margarita Recipe

DIY Fringe Stirrers and Spicy Black Berry Margaritas

Today on the blog we're celebrating National Margarita Day! It's a festive drink so why not dress it up with these DIY fringe drink stirrers? Here's what you'll need:

DIY Fringe Drink Stirrers

Step 1. Use your fringe scissors, or regular scissors, to cut along one side of the streamer. You'll need about 16 inches for each stirrer. 

DIY Fringe Drink Stirrers

Step 2. Use your tape runner to add a little adhesive to one end of the streamer. 

Step 3. Place the flat side of the skewer inside the end of the streamer with the adhesive and start rolling!

Step 4: When you get to the end, add a little more adhesive to secure the paper. 

DIY Fringe Drink Stirrers

You can use different color streamers depending on the occasion. I like to make these fringe drink stirrers in advance so I always have some on hand for parties or happy hour with friends! 

DIY Fringe Drink Stirrers

Now that you have your drink stirrers ready to go, it's time to make some margaritas!  In my opinion there is no drink more refreshing than a margarita. There are literally hundreds of different ways to make one, and today I'm sharing one of my favorite recipes. It's sweet, sour, and spicy all in one! If you've never had jalapeno infused tequila then you're in for a treat!  Don't worry, even if heat is not your thing, you can always adjust the amount of jalapeno to suit your taste!

For the Drink Stirrers:

  • Maraschio cherries

  • Jalapeno slices

For the Rim:

  • Lime (halved)

  • Margarita Salt

For the Drink:

  • 1.5 ounces jalapeno infused tequila

  • Juice of 1 lime

  • A dash of lemon juice

  • 4 ounces black cherry juice

  • Jalapeno slices

  • Fresh mint

  • Ice

  1. First well start with the Jalapeno infused tequila! Slice one jalapeno, and combine with a few mint leaves, and 8 ounces of tequila. Let sit in a cool place for an hour, or even overnight.

  2. Rub a lime wedge around the rim of a glass.

  3. Dip the top of the glass in margarita salt.

  4. Add ice to your glass, and add 1.5 ounces of jalapeno infused tequila.

  5. Add the juice of one lime, and a little lemon juice for brightness.

  6. Add 4 ounces of black cherry juice. Stir with your DIY cherry and jalapeno garnished drink stirrer and serve. If you really want to make it pretty add a slice of lime to the rim of the glass, and a little mint!

Spicy Black Cherry Margarita Recipe
DIY Fringe Drink Stirrers and a recipe for Spicy Black Cherry Margaritas

I hope you enjoy a margarita today! 


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