Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein Succulents

Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein Succulent Plant Holders

Summertime flew by so fast, I can't believe it's Fall already. Of course, I've been getting my pumpkin spice latte fix at least once a week (non-fat, so I don't feel AS guilty - LOL). Also, I'm happy to report that it rained today! I know, not a big deal for most of the country, but this is California - we have to stop and stare at at - it's so rare that it's worth acknowledgment...seriously, it's like seeing a Unicorn! Well, I guess I know what I'll be doing this afternoon - I especially love to craft on days it's raining outside (when I have a hot glue gun and hot chocolate to keep me warm)! 

Speaking of crafting, it's no secret I love finding ways to decorate with members of the succulent family, and Halloween is no exception! So while I'm still here trying to decide my Halloween costume for this year ( Palm Spring pool float, Queen Bee, or Officer Judy Hopps) check out this spikey new way to decorate for Halloween - this couple needs no introduction!  

Time: 30 min


  • Cactus Potting Mix

  • Behr Color Samples (green & white)

  • Glass Plant Holder

  • Sharpie

  • Cacti (espostoa mirabilis and old man of the andes is the fuzzy one)

  • Paper plate or newspaper

  • Mod Podge (optional)

I found this Clear Glass Succulent Plant Holder on Amazon, but you could also try this project with any glass container. After the paint is dry, I would just suggest adding a thing layer of mod podge so any moisture from the dirt doesn't ruin the paint. 

1. Pour some paint into the larger glass container, and swirl it around until it coats the entire inside. Place the container upside down on a paper plate or newspaper until all the extra paint runs out. Then let dry for about 20 min.

Repeat the process for each color/container. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein Succulents

2. Plant your cacti in the small glass containers

3. Once your larger glass container is dry, use a black sharpie to draw Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein faces. 

Need inspiration? Check out these Halloween eyes on my Pinterest Board

Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein Succulents

4. Finally, place the small plant container in the larger painted container and add a little water. I generally use a mister to wet the soil for succulents, but these glass container can drain the water so they're pretty convenient to use use with succulents. 

Mrs. Frankenstein turned out so SASSY! - I love her! 

Sassy Mrs. Frankenstein Succulent DIY
Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein Succulents

Have a crafty weekend!

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