A Rug Affair to Remember

A rug Affair tops on choosing a rug

Rugs are like sweaters for your floors! What sleek hardwood floor, or frugal linoleum wouldn't want a soft, warm rug this season?! I don't know about you, but my pretty, pedicured toesies need something cozy to dance around on! 

Express yourself! A rug is a great statement piece for any room, and an expression of your unique style. Consider different styles such as, contemporary, bohemian, vintage, minimal or playful. Browse online home decor galleries until you find a look that screams, this is me! 

Choose the rug. Don't let the rug choose you! It's a virtual textile buffet out there! So chose a style and stick with it. Don't be like me a few years ago and impulsively invest in something that doesn't fit your taste. Case in point, I jumped on the "Mad Men" band wagon a little late and pretty much watched the entire series back-to-back. As a result, I bought a 60's inspired shaggy rug that - to this day - goes with absolutely NOTHING I own! Please don't let this be you!

Things to Consider: 

  • Size: Measure your space beforehand. Take into consideration the height of the rug. This is especially important if you need clearance to open a door over it. 
  • Price: You can find different styles in all price ranges so shop by style.
  • Style: Texture, pattern and color.
  • Placement: High traffic/low traffic area or outdoor/indoor. For High traffic select a synthetic and strain resistant rug. 

TEXTURE: You've weaved your way into my heart


PATTERN: Say it loud and proud

Animal Print: For the love of the Hunt

Layering: Why have one when you can have many

source: bestintdesign

Colorful: I would turn a blind-eye....but i can't look away

Shaggy : Repunzel, you are never leaving this room

I hope this article inspires you to go forth with good rug shopping wisdom! 

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