DIY Nautical Wall Mirror

DIY Nautical Mirror from a baking pan via A Charming Project

Are you feeling crafty, but don't want to spend much money on home decor? 

Do you have a regular old baking pan that's seen better days in the back of your cupboard?  

Well you're in luck! This project is for you!

I love turning ordinary things I already have on hand into charming decorations for my home! I decided I needed a small mirror by the door so that I could check my makeup and hair before I leave the house (this perhaps after a lipstick on teeth fiasco) so I made this "nautical chic" wall mirror out of a baking pan, and a few things I had on hand. I didn't have a mirror so I headed over to Michaels where I found a small mirror for $3 ( an unbelievable price) and that's all I needed to get started! 

Here's what you'll need to get started:

Spray paint pan gold (i love gold) 

DIY Nautical Mirror 1 via A Charming Project

wrap a few feet of rope around the base of the pan

DIY Nautical Mirror Step 2 via A Charming Project

three times around the base worked for me!

DIY Nautical Mirror Step 3 via A Charming Project

Tie the ends together using a simple knot

DIY Nautical Mirror 1 step 4 via A Charming Project

Glue the mirror to the back of the pan

DIY Nautical Mirror using a baking pan via A Charming

hang, enjoy, and use daily!

mirror final vertical to ending.png