Crafting with Markers - Retro DIY Planter

Easy DIY Retro Planter using Posca Markers
Colorful Retro DIY Planter just using markers

Happy Friday everyone! This week I couldn't wait to try out these new markers I discovered (well, they've probably been around forever but it's my first time hearing of them). They are markers from Japan called Uni POSCA.  A little tidbit about me....In college, I actually minored in Japanese and Majored in East Asian Studies and Ancient History so I found these markers online while checking out blogs from Japan. If you would like to give them a try CLICK HERE.  They are very bright, water based markers,  and if you've ever used Japanese Gel pens these feel like a marker version of that. 

I've already got ideas for more ways to decorate with these markers so I hope you enjoy this first diy in my Friday series of crafting with markers! Specifically, POSCA markers because, yes! They are just that great! 


  • Uni Posca Markers in blue, pink, and yellow

  • Fern plant and white ceramic planter

  • Rocks and flamingo (optional)

Make a DIY retro planter using Uni Posca markers

draw small squares using the blue markers

easy retro painted planter using water based uni posca markers

draw squares in yellow and pink over different corners of the blue squares

drawing squares with markers makes for a fun retro pattern
Crafting with markers - DIY retro planter

Repeating squares makes for a fun retro pattern!

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