Crafting with Markers - Kitchy Wood Brooches

Crafting with Markers - DIY Kitchy Wood brooches

A little positivity goes and long way, which is why I love cheesy sayings and affirmations (think SNL's Stewart Smalley).  So I couldn't help make these colorful and Kitchy DIY wood brooches for summer! It's fun to wear them or just add them to purses and totes or hang them around your work space!  


  • Small unfinished 1 inch wood rounds (available at most craft stores)
  • E6000 glue
  • Uni Posca markers (or acrylic)
  • Brooch pins

Paint a rainbow, donut, cactus or just your favorite color

DIY wood brooches painted with markers

Add your kitchy message

DIY - colorful kitchy wood brooches

Glue brooch pins to the back of each wood round and let dry

Crafting with Markers - DIY wood brooch

Add to your accessories!

DIY wood Brooches
DIY wood brooches

Made with love, 


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