DIY Gemstone Jewelry Holder

DIY Rock Mineral Necklace Holder

Make your own Gemstone Jewel Holder in less than 10 minutes! I've always loved collecting shiny things, so when I was in San Francisco's Mission District last month, these little gems easily caught my eye. You never know what  great finds you'll come across in the Mission, and that Saturday was no exception.  A beautifully styled bohemian woman was selling tons of unique accessories, rocks and minerals out of hand woven baskets on Valencia and 27th street, and she asked me to pick out the first thing that caught my eye. I picked up the Citrine rock and she took out a book and proceeded to read to me the meaning behind my choice. She told me that Citrine helps ignite creativity and keeps negativity away. That's all I needed to hear! I also, bought a couple of Amethysts because that's my mom's favorite and it reminds me of her :)

My style isn't usually so minimalist but I thought I would try something different so I left the wood unpainted, and I'm so pleased I did! I generally paint everything I can get my hands on, but I wanted to keep this project simple, and the last thing I wanted was for these stunning minerals to be overshadowed by whatever loud paint I most inevitably would have chosen :) 

You will need:

  • 1/16 basswood panel (I found one a 24 inch one at Michael's and cut it in half using craft scissors)
  • E6000 glue or hot glue gun
  • Rock Minerals (I used one Citrine and two Amethyst minerals)
  • 3M Command poster trips (I used 4)
DIY Necklace Holder Supplies

1) Adhere one side of each poster strip to the back side of the wood panel. Leave the wall side sticker on until you're ready to hang.

DIY Necklace holder

2) Use your glue to adhere each rock mineral to the front side of the wood panel. Allow at least 2 inches between rocks.

Glue Mineral Rocks to Wood Board and make your own DIY Necklace Holder

3) Allow the glue to dry for at least an hour before hanging your necklaces and bracelets.  Finally, put your DIY Rock Mineral Necklace and Bracelet holder to any wall, and hang your pretty necklaces and bracelets!

Make your own DIY Necklace Holder using Rock Minerals
Hang your necklaces on this DIY Mineral Necklace Holder
Make your own DIY Rock Mineral Necklace Holder in minutes!
DIY Necklace and Bracelet Holder

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