DIY Strawberry Magnets

DIY Strawberry Magnets

Strawberry picking in one of my favorite summertime activities, and just one reason I can't wait for summer. It's been a little gloomy here in the bay area, so I've decided to just look past these gray clouds and usher summer in a little early at my house.  These DIY Strawberry Magnets are a fun and colorful way to dress up a fridge or message board! I decided to make these strawberries into kitchen magnets because they perfectly complement the Strawberry Herb Planter I made for my kitchen a few weeks ago. If you missed that project please click here to see it! After moving from L.A. to the bay area this year, I'm a little nostalgic for the beach cities so I'm using these magnets to hold up a  fun photo of Venice Beach from one of my favorite photographers and friend Lisa Nanakorn (check out her photography here). Now let's make some strawberries!


  • Silicone mold (Strawberries)
  • E6000 glue
  • Craft Paint in red, yellow, and green (I used Martha Stewart's brand)
  • Paint brush
  • Magnets
  • Craft Plaster
  • ziplock bag (optional)
  • scissors (optional)
DIY Strawberry Magnets Supplies

1. Mix your plaster according to the instructions on the label. The craft plaster I used called for  1.5 cups plaster to 1 cup water ratio. Plaster is very easy to work with and all I did was mix the plaster and water in a small ziplock bag. Then once it was fully mixed without any lumps, I snipped one corner with scissors and used it as a piping bag to fill my silicone strawberry mold. I actually found the mold at the dollar store :)

DIY Magnets_ add plaster to silicon mold

2. I filled my molds to the very top and let the plaster dry for an hour

DIY Strawberry Magnets - strawberry silicone mold

3. After about an hour I was able to easily remove the strawberries from the mold, but they were still a little tender so I let them dry in the open air for another hour

Srawberry mold - DIY Strawberry Magnets

4. Once the plaster hardened, I painted the strawberry using green, red, and yellow for the seeds

Hand Painted Strawberry Magnets

5. Allow the strawberries to dry for about 30 minutes

DIY Painted Strawberry Magnets for your summer time fridge

6. Finally, I glued the magnets to the back of each strawberry using E6000 glue

DIY Strawberry Magnets - A Charming Project

Just looking at these colorful strawberry magnets makes me so excited for summer!

DIY Strawberry Magnets to add a pop of color to your summer
Make your own Strawberry Magnets

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