DIY Painted Strawberry Herb Planter

Happy Earth Day, everyone! 

What better way to celebrate our beautiful green planet than to plant something green for our home! This DIY strawberry painted planter added a fun pop of color to my kitchen, and even better, it's functional! I love using fresh herbs in my recipes because it makes the whole house smell so good. When I'm short on time (and groceries) I find it really easy to cook pasta so I picked up an Italian oregano plant so that I always have a fresh go to ingredient to use for my Italian (thrown together from whatever I have on hand) dinners. This white planter I found at my nearest habitat for humanity resale store, and the shape just screamed "strawberry me!" So I did! But really, any egg shaped or round planter will work for this DIY strawberry makeover. 

Supplies: round ceramic planter, oregano herb plant (additional soil may be needed),  broad paint brush, angle paint brush, Martha Stewart craft paint in wedding cake, tartan red and chamomile.

I thought this planter looked a little on the sleek and glossy side so I painted a quick white coat of paint (using a broad brush) so that later the red would adhere well. 

DIY Painted Strawberry Herb Planter

The white coat took about 20 minutes to dry, but it was a very light coat so that was to be expected. I then painted 3 coats of red, and waited about 30 minutes between coats just to make sure it fully dried between coats. I even set the planter near a fan to help it along. 

DIY Painted Strawberry Herb Planter

Brush strokes will show, but if you don't like this you can add a little water and go heavy on the paint and keep the pressure light as you apply the paint. But I like the way the strokes look so I didn't water down the paint at all. 

DIY Painted Strawberry Herb Planter full tutorial on blog

This was the fun part! I used the side of the angle brush to create the strawberry seeds. 

DIY Painted Strawberry Herb Planter tutorial on A Charming Projetc

Once all was dry (I waited a couple of hours, or you can cure it which will take about 28 days) I added the oregano plant, and I also gave it a little water so it could settle in.  

DIY Painted Strawberry Herb Planter tutorial

I hope you try a green project today...or this weekend! :)

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