Hanging Air Plant

easy gardening hanging air plant home decor

Aren't you very impressed with how many stores carry air plants, succulents, and various decorations for urban gardening these days? I used to be quite the plant killer in my day, and I am always so busy running around that it's nice to finally have a variety of plants in my home that don't require much maintenance. I see more and more easy to manage plants popping up in home decor projects that I wanted to share this one with you. This project was inspired  by a few things I love - the ocean, easy gardening and quirky home accents! Placing an air plant inside of an urchin shell looks just like a jelly fish floating along in mid-air. It's one of those fun items that will have your friends doing a double take before they figure out what this thing is! 

Supplies: Scissors, microfilament thread or fishing wire, air plant with a long stem and urchin shell

urban jelly fish hanging air plant home decor supplies

I cut a few feet of microfilament, or as I like to call it, clear string stuff, and used one end to tie the plant by making two knots around the stem of the plant. I know it's popular to glue the stems but I'm not sure how that affects the plant so I went with a safer route. 

hanging air plant home decor idea

You'll notice most urchin shells have a small round disk on top and a lot of them already have a hole through the top. So you can just string the other end of the microfilament through, and the shell will rest on the air plant like a little hat :)

urban jelly fish hanging air plant home decor supplies step 2

Once strung up it looks like an urban jelly fish just hanging around doing it's thing!

urban jelly fish hanging air plant home decor

I strung this little guy from the ceiling near a window where it can get lots of sun, and I give it a quick mist every morning.  

urban jelly fish hanging air plant home decor supplies 3

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