Hand Painted Easter Eggs inspired by UNICEF

I have so many fond memories of decorating Easter eggs as a kid, and then having egg scavenger hunts with all the neighborhood kids. I admit, it's been a while since I've decorated Easter Eggs but I found it  to be just as fun as ever, if not better, because now I can give them personality and a purpose. I have always truly been inspired by all the work done by UNICEF all around the world, and I recently watched a fantastic documentary called "Long Way Round" (it's on Netflix folks) featuring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on an epic journey across the world where they stop in and visit with kids at UNICEF schools and community centers. So this year I used what inspired me and created hand painted the 7 continents to create a modern global Easter egg display. The spring colors and gold accents really make it pop, and makes for a great conversation piece!!!


7 hard boiled eggs, 1 bottle cap, 7 colorful acrylic paints (I used Martha Stewart Craft Paints) for the continents (hydrangea purple, chamomile, cloud, surf, pea shoot, wild salmon, pink), 1 blue glossy, (liquitex acrylic paint in glossy blue), Gold Sharpie, and 1 small paint brush.

DIY Hand Painted Easter Eggs Inspired by UNICEF supplies

I used a bottle cap to keep the eggs elevated. This makes it super easy to rotate the egg and not get (as much) paint all over the place.

DIY Hand Painted Easter Eggs Inspired by UNICEF

I decided to paint the egg in a glossy blue, to look like the deep blue sea! Two coats were needed and each coat took about 10 minutes to dry.

DIY Hand Painted Easter Eggs

I love using gold whenever I can (it makes me happy)! I used a gold sharpie to outline the shape of each continent. I just googled a word map and traced it as best as I could :)

DIY Hand Painted Easter Eggs South America craft

Once the deep blue dried, I painted the continents a different color each.

DIY Hand Painted Easter Eggs Inspired by UNICEF South America

Next I wrote the name of the continents using the gold sharpie. I also touched up the continent outlines so they are more defined.

DIY Hand Painted Easter Eggs Inspired by UNICEF ASIA

Easter is not complete without an Easter basket!

If the continents are not your thing you can always paint your favorite states or countries you've visited!


If you would like to help support UNICEF's mission to save the lives of children around the world you can click click on the UNICEF logo to donate a little something this Easter Weekend! 

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