Mid Century Modern Inspired Illuminated Copper Globe

A few months ago we moved from Los Angeles to the Bay Area. Michael's job was generous enough to put us up for awhile but we finally found our own place to call home!  Although we didn't get a patio or balcony we did luck out with wall-to-wall windows in the living room and bedroom.  I'm also loving the 60's architecture and mid century charm. I've always been a fan of mid century modern designs (you can tell from one of my Pinterest boards). So,  I can't wait to share a glimpse of my new home with ya'll! In the meantime, I'll need to make a few things for our new space. Starting with this Mid Century inspired globe! I'm really excited about how this one turned out.  Here are the steps...


- The wood plaque I purchased at Michael's
- The copper wire string lights I purchase at Orchard for less than $10
- The glass globe (light fixture) I purchased at Orchard for $5
- The wood varnish I purchased from Orchard for $7 (but I will reuse tons more times). 

DIY illuminated copper globe supplies include wood stain, wood plaque,  glass light fixture, string lights, and glue

Step One: Varnish the Wood Plaque, the set it aside to dry (20 min).

I  didn't really feel like tanning my hands so I used dish washing gloves and a rag (old jeans) to spread the varnish in a circular motion. It only takes about 20 min to dry completely. 

Step 2: Wrap the Copper Tape around the base of the glass globe. 

I pressed it down carefully so as not to wrinkle the copper tape too much

Step Three: Insert the copper wire lights into the globe.

Step Four: Glue the rim of the globe withe E6000 glue and place the wood plaque over it and let the glue dry (20-30) min. 

When I added the copper wire lights to the inside of the globe I made sure to splay them out so they will look nice from every angle because once the globe is affixed to the wood plaque there's no going back!. As you can see from the image the wire attached to the battery pack will need to stick out of the globe but you can barely tell it's there. 

Lastly, I added three double A batteries to the copper string light pack. That's it, it's ready to shine! 

I promise you this illuminated globe is really easy to make and looks great on any nightstand or desk  - night or day! 

Made with love, 


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