DIY Hexagon Framed Art

It's time to start looking to spring, and bring back bright and bold colors to our home interiors! So I thought I would pair some bold colors with my favorite geometric shape and make an eye-catching framed art piece for my work space. 

The hexagon is my favorite geometric shape because it's one of those cool shapes that naturally occurs in nature and is most prevalent in little bees homes (honeycombs for the rest of the world).  Symbolically, hexagons have always been associated with bees and their hard-working natures so I thought this would be the perfect reminder to always do my best and work my hardest! 


  • Paint Chips: (enough to make make about 150 hexagons)
  • One 8x10 frame in white 
  • Medium Hexagon punch cutter 
  • Tombow liquid glue
  • Scissors (not pictured...sorry)
DIY Honeycomb framed art using paint chips

I cut about 150 hexagon shapes using a medium sized cutter. I used paint chips I saved from a trip to Home Depot the last time I decided to paint my living room. If you have any scrapbooking scraps that would work nicely too!

DIY Honeycomb framed art using paint chips

I glued the paper down to the backing that came with the frame. After some trial and error I came to the conclusion that starting in the center and working my way out to the corners works best. 

DIY Honeycomb framed art using paint chips

I ended up with some extra so I just snipped it off. 

DIY Honeycomb framed art using paint chips

Finally, I framed everything inside this pretty white frame. The entire project took a little over an hour to complete.

I still can't decided whether I want to display it vertically or horizontally but I think it looks lovely either way! Don't you?

Made with love, 


DIY honeycomb framed art
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