Favorite Friday Finds

Photo by  Stephanie Gonot

Happy day before Halloween!  I swear, October just flew by.  before we know it it'll be Turkey Day, and I'll be freezing outside a Macy's somewhere at 4am on Black Friday's - first-fifty people-  get a free Clinique moisturizer and tote! Or something along those lines...

Tomorrow, I'll probably be mixing some ghoulishly delicious cocktails, and watching scary movies while giving out candy to trick or treaters. So whatever your plans tomorrow, I'm wishing YOU a fun and safe Halloween! And if you have no idea what you're doing tomorrow here are some ideas!

If you're a procrastinator like me check out these LAST MINUTE COSTUMES

List of scary movies to watch on NETFLIX this weekend or for the FEINT OF HEART

Rum, Rum, and more Rum! I'm definitely making THIS COCKTAIL tomorrow

These Halloween COOKIES are pure eye candy

If you're staying and handing out candy don't forget to get my Free Printable!