Plants and Coffee // Let's make a coffee pot Terrarium!

When I think Plants and Coffee, I'm instantly reminded of my grandmother. She was one classy lady and she loved her houseplants and roses almost as much as her afternoon coffee. My grandmother always prescribed a robust cup of coffee for any ailment (kinda like Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding)! As a ritual, before cooking dinner my mom and grandmother would sit together and drink their afternoon coffee. It was with them that I had my first taste of coffee...I was only 3 years old! They indulged me that one time, (but really, they didn't know what hit them,  it was a sneak attack and they didn't realize I had gulped down a whole cup until it was too late - mwahaha) after that it was back to milk with a splash of coffeeor cafecito con leche.

If my grandmother kept her coffee close, she kept her plants even really in the living room trailing up one wall and wrapped around the perimeter of the ceiling (what can I say, it was the 80's).  It was was important to keep the devil's vine (that's really what it's called, I swear) green and so it could continue taking over the house, and I have no idea where we got this idea but we used left over coffee grinds as plant fertilizer (Ta-da! Enter the plant and coffee rainbow connection).

So a few weeks ago, I received the latest newsletter from one of my favorite greenery advocates, the peeps over at Urban Jungle Bloggers proposed a Plant and Coffee challenge. Having fond memories of these things I decided to make this mini coffee pot terrarium as an tribute to my grandmother. Why an air plant terrarium, you ask? Well, because it's about as difficult to kill as devil's vine (hence the name) but without having it grow all over the place :)


  1. Mini coffee pot

  2. Mini air plants ( I used Ionantha Fuego and a green Tilandsia)

  3. White sand

  4. Moss (bright works best)

  5. River rocks/aquarium rocks

  6. Decorations (gemstones, shells, or miniatures - it's up to you!)

Here's how I made it:

Fill your container with about an inch of sand. Then scatter some river rocks over the sand (I piled them on heavier in the back for added height). I then placed the moss over the rocks in the back and worked from back to front. I wanted my plants to have the best view so I placed them both in front, with the gemstones between them.

Serve with a cup of coffee and a splash of milk ;)

Finally, I'm happy to report that the coffee did not stunt my growth nor that of our house plants.

A huge shout out to Urban Jungle Bloggers for the inspiration!

Airplant care: In general it's recommended misting these plants every day, preferably in the morning. You could also dunk them in water 2-3 times a week. They are happiest in a nice bright room and not in a hot window with direct sunlight. 

Thanks to the folks at succulence for assisting for the care instructions and for allowing me to go crazy in their store (I was very plant happy). If you are in the bay area you will love this place!

Love, Enid

Pintererstable Pic!

Plants and coffee // Let's make a coffee pot terrarium