Chic DIY Cord Tacos

Happy New Year everyone! I don't know about you, but I like to start my New Year with a fresh, clean start, which for me means creating new ways to stay organized on a daily basis. Like some of you, (I hope it's not just me) I have a messy box full of knotted cords, wires, and plugs.  And if you glanced inside my purse you'll see a cell phone charger, a Kindle charger (unfortunately, not compatible with any other charger) a laptop charger, and headphones all knotted together. 

So in order to combat the jungle in my purse, I'm sharing these cute DIY Cord Tacos with you. I used black synthetic leather and shiny studs to give them that chic,  polished look, and because light reflects off them pretty well you'll always be able to easily find them at the bottom of your dark purse. A cool, useful, DIY right?!


  • Velcro rounds
  • Scissors
  • Gel or fabric pen
  • E6000 glue
  • Metallic studs
  • Synthetic leather or real leather (splurge if you wish)!
DIY Cord Taco via

I used a gel pen to mark out a circle (about 3 1/2 inch diameter) on the back of the fabric. Then I used very sharp scissors to cut out the circle. 

DIY Cord Taco via

Then I dabbed some glue on each side of velcro and adhered it to the fabric. I think it's best to let the glue dry overnight, as I did, in order to ensure that you get many uses out of this. Otherwise, you could totally sew the velcro on but the glue worked great for me. 

DIY Cord Taco via

I found these iron on studs but the fabric I chose can't take the heat of the iron, so I glued them on. 

DIY Cord Taco via

Finally, individually wrap you cords in each taco and take a bite (just kidding!!). But don't they look good enough to eat? :P 

DIY Cord Taco via

I made some in gold, silver, and gold and silver some extra variety. 

DIY Cord Taco via

I was very tempted to make some out of felt and make them look like real tacos...maybe I'll try that next time. So if you do make these don't forget to share them with me :)

Love, Enid

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