My Trip to Alaska

Happy September everyone! Sorry, this is a little late and I've been MIA for a little while. August was a whirlwind filled with birthdays, anniversaries and adventure! I spent some time in Alaska relaxing and living the simple, happy, exciting and creative life I love. I can't wait to share my Alaska inspired crafts with you...but first, some photos of my trip!  

We flew into Anchorage at 1 AM and were back up again for a 7 AM flight to Homer aboard this itty-bitty plane. My jaw slightly dropped when I saw how small it was, and I hoped it was like Tardis and bigger on the inside. It was a tight fit, but I must say the interior was kinda vintage and cool :)

The view above the clouds was both breathtaking, and spectacular. Like cotton candy, no?!

But first, coffee time! I admit, I'm on a pretty steady diet of tall, grande, and venti but I love visiting family owned coffee shops when I get the chance and Captains Coffee is one of the best I've tried.

I must have had a childish expression of wonder on my face, or maybe I just looked like a tourist, but the owner came over and invited me and my camera over as he emptied the freshly roasted beans.  The scent was heavenly. Someone pinch me!

Home sweet 'Homer.' Our home away from home was the most charming home I've ever been in. Thanks Joe and Diane..wink!  I've never been so jelly of a garden in my life. We picked sugar peas, kale, tomatoes, and berries for dinner right from the garden. Who can ask for more?!

It's fishing time!

Deck hand "Zoe" is ready to go!

This is Fred, the sea otter....I just named him...he looks like a Fred : -)

Inner monologue: "This is so slimy, why didn't someone tell me this before I touched it?" (haha) 

Lesson learned: Halibut fishing is really, really, hard and tiring, and my arms were like jelly by the end of the day. It was pretty choppy both days we went out, so I discovered that after a while I'm NOT immune to sea sickness. It was an experience I will never forget and the gift that keeps on giving because now I have fish for a whole year. Mwahahahaha!

Drinks anyone? Money doesn't grow on trees but it does grow in bars....

If you're in Homer I highly recommend the Legendary Salty Dawg Saloon, and the best shopping in the whole town is right next door at the Salty Girls! Best Salt Water Taffy and gifts around!

Had an awesome time visiting the art galleries, and randomly being silly wherever I went. 

Why wait for da bears to come to you when these sea planes will take you to da bears!

Captain Joe at the helm and me doing what I do...

The Birds! My worst nightmare...but I admit, really incredible to witness. 

Halibut Cove is like one of those places you see on a puzzle right along with a puzzle of the Alps and other breathtaking far off places. Can you spot the otter?

Ambassadors, security, and alarm clocks. 

Thanks for reading!