DIY Sassy Tassel Necklace

My love of everything shiny started at an early age. My dad is a machinist, and as a kid I spent every Saturday afternoon at his machine shop. One of my favorite things to do was sorting through "treasure troves" of barrels filled to the brim with scrap metal. So without a doubt I love incorporating metallic into my crafts or design aesthetics any opportunity I get. 

This necklace is diverse and customizable. I used eyeglass chain holders so I can switch out the metallic tassels for different colors or maybe go from three tassels to just one.  Go from a day look to a night look by switching out softer colors for bolder ones!


  • embroidery floss in gold, copper, and silver
  • chain necklace (i got mine for $3 at a thrift store)
  • eyeglass chain holders (get them at a craft store in the jewelry section
  • Not pictured, but you will also need a piece of card stock the size of a post it note and scissors

1. Cut a piece of card stock about the size of a post it

2. Wrap the floss around the card stock about 20 times

3. Thread the eyeglass chain holder through a piece of gloss and secure to the top bungle of the tassel by tying a couple of knots. Then use your scissors to cut the bottom of the tassel.

4. I used painter's tape to secure the bottom of the tassel so I could wrap the floss about 1/2 an inch from the top

5. Turn your tassel upside down and secure the knot underneath so it's hidden and looks cleaner

sassy tassel necklace

6. All there's left to do is to string the tassels through necklace one at a time 

sassy tassel necklace
sassy tassel necklace



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