Diy flower mug

Diy flower mug tutorial via

Spring is in full bloom! This is one of my favorite ways to brightening up any desk, shelf or small space. Think outside the vase and choose a chic mug or pitcher with fun patterns or a bright design. I like pairing carnations and daisy's because they last longer...and they come in a so many colors!

Material list: Chic mug > clear tape or green tape > very sharp scissors or knife> flowers 

Cut each flower stem at a 45 degree angle to ensure these pretties can get their drinky on! Always cut your stems under running water, and be sure to use sharp scissors or a knife so you don't damage the flower stems. Damaged stems will not intake water as well. 

Diy flower mug tutorial via

Crowding flowers causes the stems to rot faster. The best way to avoid this is to cut away leaves that will be below the water line and tape a grid so each of your flowers has plenty of space to be happy. 

Diy flower mug tutorial via

It's true that a dash of sugar is a good source of nutrients to keep your flowers from wilting, but the sugar can also produce bacteria! Ewwww!  So if you want to keep your flowers around for as long as possible use fresh flowers, change the water everyday, add a dash of flower food and keep them away from direct sunlight.