Succulent Cork Planters

I'm so excited it's finally March and spring is right around the corner. Sunny Saturday morning trips to the garden store is one of my favorite simple pleasures. Working indoors with very little natural light can make it difficult to keep greenery at work. Luckily, succulents are very low maintenance, require minimal water, and are very popular right now. Also lucky for me, wine flows like water from a faucet in my home, and finding ways to recycle bottles and corks has lead to many a charming project!

Materials: Succulent, wine cork, serrated knife, cactus potting soil, magnet, hot glue gun.

Use Knife to hollow out cork; careful not to puncture through the bottom


I'm keeping the cork bits to use for as material for a future terrarium project

Carefully transfer succulent into cork and fill with cactus potting mix

Hot glue magnet to the side or bottom of the cork.

Finished product