Gilded Flower Pumpkins for Fall

There's nothing I enjoy more in the Fall than creating new ways to decorate pumpkins! These sweet little golden things are my favorite way to add a pop of color to any space. I found the smallest pumpkin and flowers at the dollar store making this a wonderfully affordable endeavor. The best thing about using foam pumpkins is that they are easy to paint and store away for many years to come. Here's hoping gold never goes out of style ;)


Supplies: Foam pumpkins, faux flowers in autumn colors, glue gun, scissors, oil based sharpie in white, and metallic gold spray paint

Golden Flower Pumpkins 2

Spray paint pumpkin with gold metallic spray paint

Snip off the flower stems to make it easier to adhere to the pumpkin stem

Golden Flower Pumpkins 3

Add a dab of hot glue

Golden Flower Pumpkins 4

Surround the entire base of the pumpkin stem with flowers

Gilden Flower Pumpkin 7

Add a large centerpiece flower to the top of the pumpkin stem, and continue to layer flowers around the base

Gilden Flower Pumpkin 8
Gilden Flower Pumpkin 9

I found flowers with tendrils and painted them gold, and added them to the arrangement

Golden Flower Pumpkins 5

Use your sharpie to paint polka dots or any design you wish!

Gilden Flower Pumpkin

These pumpkins make a beautiful addition to any entry way, mantel or centerpiece!

With Love, 


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