Ombre painted clothespins to help you organize your daily tasks

I'm so excited to get back into the crafting groove after my exciting trip to Alaska (if you missed it click here). It's back-to-school, and this time of year always brings back nostalgic memories of my all-time favorite Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and all those crazy psychedelic colors. So in the spirit of back-to-school, and not to mention getting myself organized for the week, I want to share this easy, DIY weekly to-do list using clothespins.  I'm so much better at following through with tasks when they are right in my face, and not in a schedule book, aren't you? Out of sight out of mind, right? 

Supplies: Paints, medium size paint brush, sand paper, sharpie in oil or regular, thumbtacks (flower or decorative sticker is optional), twine or hemp, clothespins, scissors (i got mine from the dollar store).

If you buy your clothespins from the dollar store, like me, you may need to sand them down a bit to get a nice smooth texture. I usually buy a big roll of sand paper from the hardware store for the year, and cut little pieces off as I need them. 

ombre painted clothespins via

 Ombre is a fun color gradient technique that has really taken off lately,  so I thought it would be cool to show how easy it is to do. It works best if you use bold colors, and not so much all the pastels I ended up using. They look beautiful, but they just don't photograph as well as I would have liked.

 I started with a hot pink and gradually added a small amount of white to each new layer.

ombre painted clothespins via
ombre painted clothespins via

Gradually paint across each clothespin with a lighter shade. You can also start with a lighter shade and work your way to a darker. Get creative, there are not set rules. 

Write the days of the week using a sharpie in a color that pops. I love gold, so I couldn't resist!

ombre painted clothespins via

Use thumbtacks to string a piece of twine across the wall. I decided to embellish the thumbtacks with a couple of flower stickers but thumbtacks alone look great. 

ombre painted clothespins via

Lastly, use index cards, scrap paper, or post-its to fill out your weekly to-do list.

Happy school days crafting everyone! I Hope your next project is a charming one...wink!

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