Space Penguins: Fabric8 design challenge submission

I stumbled upon Spoonflower a site that allows you to upload your custom designs and have them made into fabric. What a cool idea right? Oh the possibilities bouncing around in my head are endless. All the scribbles, shapes, and colors I've been dreaming up for years finally have a canvas...literally!

I'm always up for a new challenge, and the day I found the site was the last day for their big annual design challenge. I wasn't going to submit anything but the theme was "Cosmic Voyage." I love space so I just couldn't resist the urge to create something for one of my favorite topics!

My inner monologue -I love space...I love penguins....Space Penguin must be made! I banged out the design below in a few hours and hope I make the top 100! Even if I don't, I love the design and it was well worth staying up until 2am! A little wine, a little was a creative and magical night!

Love ya! Enid